Have you left your UK pension home alone?

Sometimes it can be quite confusing being a UK expat living permanently in Australia. Do you follow AFL or NRL? Are you still allowed to call it football or must it be soccer? Is Vegemite [...]

Super for the self employed

If you’re self-employed in Australia, there’s a good chance your retirement savings aren’t all they could be. In fact, research from the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (AFSA) [...]

Developing an investment strategy: A handy checklist

No matter what stage of investing you are at, it’s important to have a strategy that matches your goals and personal needs and to keep checking that it’s working for you. Here’s a checklist [...]

DB pension transfers worth more than houses

If you require proper advice around your defined benefit pension demand that your adviser has at least the absolute minimum qualifications the UK FCA insist upon. Only seek qualified, regulated [...]

Overseas pension transfers more complex under new FCA rules

At last the FCA is looking further afield to protect UK Pension scheme members from unqualified and under regulated advisers. As a full cross border advice firm we applaud these developments. [...]