Much of the work we complete for you is around strategy, product selection and investment portfolio advice and implementation. Whilst we are registered Tax (Financial) Advisers (24854587) through qualification we are not registered tax advisers. Some of the work we complete for you will require you to gain tax advice from an accountant or tax agent. An example of this is completing the S305-80 ITAA forms for the ATO, Tax Treatment of Transfers from Foreign Super Funds NAT11724.

If your current accountant is not able to assist you with any of the cross border tax calculations required we will be delighted to introduce you to one of our connections who can act specifically for this role for you.

We have connections with Australian and UK based Chartered Accountancy teams who are well qualified and able to work with you to deliver the optimum tax outcome, whether it is the sale of your UK home, an investment property, commercial property or assisting us with the complex tax calculations required for UK pension to Australian Super advice.