For us to properly engage with you and provide you with Australian regulated financial advice you will need to be an Australian Permanent Resident.

If you are reading this from the UK or you require family visa advice we will be delighted to connect you with our preferred immigration lawyer specialist.

Utilising an immigration lawyer can be hugely beneficial as this can be such a complex process.  An immigration lawyer can add huge value in terms of assessing your eligibility, ensuring you have the correct paperwork (which can so often result in a failed application) and gaining the result you want first time.  It can be so time consuming, costly and stressful to put mistakes right. In addition, an immigration lawyer will be up to date on any current or pending changes in legislation that may impact on your application and will be able to advise accordingly.

Our preferred immigration lawyer specialist offers a range of full or guided services to suit your situation, budget and the complexity of the issue.