Here are a few of the kinds words we’ve received from our clients over the years. We are grateful for all our clients and do not take any one for granted. Why not join the happy crowd?

  • By sheer luck, I was introduced to Simon and his team, but that was where luck ended and a reassuring, professional relationship started. I went to Simon with a series of very complex issues, issues which no one else had been able to address to my complete satisfaction. Everyone knew parts of the answers but were unable to give me the complete package I was searching for. Simons knowledge of UK / Australian pension and investment proved invaluable, and issues planning my retirement, that I had stressed over for years, were resolved to my complete satisfaction. I can recommend Simon and his friendly, helpful staff to anyone wanting financial advice, its a minefield and I was guided through by the best.

    Neil G, Brisbane, QLD March 2019
  • Whilst searching for advice regarding transferring my UK pensions to Australia I was fortunate to find Harding Wealth Management online. The knowledge, attention to detail & clarity he & his colleagues provided me was priceless for anyone entering the minefield of Pensions transfers & subsequent investments in Australia. Every detail & all costs were clear & upfront along with realistic timescales. I would strongly recommend Simon & his team to any UK expat looking to achieve their long term financial security in Australia.

    John S, Sunshine Coast, QLD February 2019
  • Simon Harding efficiently helped me through the UK pension plan transfer process. His knowledge of this very complex field is unquestionable. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

    David J, Melbourne, Vic March 2019
  • "I couldn't be happier with the service you have provided moving my UK superannuation to Australia. The complexity of what you have done here end-to-end is staggering. Thank you for taking the angst out of what could have been a very stressful and problematic process."

    Craig M, Sydney, NSW July 2019
  • It was great to find someone like Simon. I nearly fell foul of using an offshore company (you know the ones, they contact you out of the blue) but having someone professional and knowledgeable, who I could sit and talk to, was a great relief. The area of pension advice is one that you should consider carefully before you do anything that you might regret later in life. It's your money and I would seriously recommend talking with Simon before you make a decision, I'm glad I did"

    Paul C, Adelaide, SA July 2018
  • “I was introduced to Simon by my existing financial adviser, who recommended him due to his UK pensions expertise. It is clear he has a full understanding of the issues involved, and it is comforting to know he has both UK and Australian qualifications. Simon takes the time to explain all of the options and makes the process and transition easy to follow. You know you are dealing with someone who has a command of the subject matter. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anybody with a UK pension fund that requires high quality, knowledgeable advice with integrity.”

    Susan C, Adelaide, SA July 2018
  • “We had transferred our UK pensions to a QROPs through a financial adviser our bank recommended over eight years ago. Since transferring we rarely saw the adviser again so decided to approach Simon. As he has both UK and Australian qualifications it seemed the sensible thing to do. After reviewing our current position and with his knowledge of the current regulations, we were able to transfer into a new super fund saving us over $3,000 a year in fees alone, which has enabled me to protect my family at no extra cost. We have also committed to six monthly reviews with Simon.“

    Nicholas P June 2018
  • “Simon has provided us with exceptional service and achieved a great outcome in releasing our UK pensions. I would highly recommend him if you want to transfer out of the UK pension system.”

    P Collins May 2018
  • “I wanted good advice and got great advice. I wanted to deal with a company that is professional and I got a company that is at the top of their profession. I wanted to speak with real people and I got personal service. I would not hesitate to recommend Harding Wealth Management, they provide advice like it should be.”

    Ian P. Brisbane, QLD November 2017
  • "I had worked for many years in the financial services industry in the UK. I was uncomfortable with the knowledge levels and fees of the adviser my bank had referred me to. When I met Simon it was clear to me that he had both the knowledge and experience to assist me in my UK pension transfers. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone with a UK pension fund wishing to receive the highest quality advice."

    Alison E October 2017
  • “I have always worked hard, however, was never taught how to manage my own finances. My experience with Simon has been life changing for my present situation and future planning. He has shown me how to make my money work for me by educating me with skills and strategies to financially grow. Simon has taken all aspects of my life into consideration and created a perfectly planned strategy to ensure I meet my goals. Not only is Simon knowledgeable, he is personable and genuine in manner. I look forward to being a client of Simon’s for life and have recommended him to most people I know.”

    Charlotte E. December 2017
  • “When I met Simon I was in poor health and very worried about my future. I was still working part-time though because I needed the money. Simon took my case on and through his patience and hard work I have now been able to retire full time and take life easier. Dealing with him has turned my life around as I can now concentrate on living rather than merely existing. I enjoy spending time with Simon as he has a great sense of humour and personality whilst maintaining the utmost professionalism. I recommend Simon to everybody I meet.”

    Peter K October 2017
  • “Simon has been supporting me with my professional path for some time, he has been supportive, honest, diligent in every path I've chosen to take. He is a man of his word and I highly recommend his professionalism to everyone.”

    Julie (Business owner) November 2017