Our Core Values

With Harding Wealth Management Pty Ltd being regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia, we adhere to strict regulatory rules and procedures. These have been established with the whole aim of ensuring that we operate with your best interests in mind. We take these rules very seriously and rigorously implement these as best as we can.

Our Culture

Our culture is based on the following:

  1. We will be open, honest and fair throughout our dealings with you.
  2. We will act in your best interests at all times.
  3. We will not undertake work for you where we believe you will not benefit from our service.
  4. We will fully disclose our fees to you, in advance. You will be asked to agree these fees prior to the service commencing.
  5. We will communicate with you in clear terms you can understand. It is essential that you properly understand how your situation is impacted.

FPA Code of Ethics

In ensuring that you are treated fairly and continue to receive the highest levels of advice, we have also voluntarily committed to abide by the Financial Planning Association (FPA) of Australia’s Code of Ethics and Professionalism.

These are:

  1. Client First. To not place personal gain or advantage before the client’s interests.
  2. Integrity. To act with honesty and candour in all professional matters.
  3. Objectivity. To work with intellectual honesty and impartiality.
  4. Fairness. To treat clients as I would wish to be treated.
  5. Professionalism. To act in a manner that demonstrates exemplary professional conduct.
  6. Competence. To maintain the abilities, skills and knowledge necessary to be competent.
  7. Confidentiality. To protect the confidentiality of client information.
  8. Diligence. To provide professional services in a timely and thorough manner.

We maintain full professional indemnity insurance and provide an internal dispute resolution procedure as well as the protection of Australia’s Financial Ombudsman Service.