If you have already transferred your UK pension fund out of the UK to a QROPS it is highly likely that you will now benefit from our complimentary review service.

We receive enquiries every week from individuals, who they have transferred their UK pensions funds and have lost contact with the original adviser. Or even worse, where their adviser is not authorised to provide Australian based advice.

Already transferred to Australia?

If you have already transferred your UK pension to Australia in the last 10 years you may well now benefit from a review.

The financial market in Australia is constantly evolving and updating technology, which may enable you to reduce the fees you are currently paying whilst increasing your investment options.

We have a number of clients who:

  • have transferred their UK pension to Australia within the last 10 years
  • were in an expensive super fund which was reducing their net returns
  • were invested in inappropriate portfolios which no longer reflected their risk appetite
  • are currently invested in a QROPS fund
  • had not had a review by a qualified financial planner since they transferred

Is this familiar to you?

“We had transferred our UK pensions to a QROPs through a financial adviser our bank recommended over eight years ago. Since transferring we rarely saw the adviser again so decided to approach Simon. As he has both UK and Australian qualifications it seemed the sensible thing to do. After reviewing our current position and with his knowledge of the current regulations, we were able to transfer into a new super fund saving us over $3,000 a year in fees alone, which has enabled me to protect my family at no extra cost. We have also committed to six monthly reviews with Simon.“

Nicholas P, Adelaide.

Our existing QROPS review service

We provide an ongoing review service for those individuals who have transferred their UK pension funds to Australia and who now require advice.

Possible areas to be addressed:

  • Are you receiving regular, ongoing maintenance of the fund?
  • Do you even still need to be in a QROPS compliant fund?
  • Can you now purchase property within the fund?
  • Are you paying up to 2.18% p.a. for your investment funds, plus 0.76% p.a. platform fee plus an adviser fee of 0.60% p.a? (Actual example)
  • Have you been properly informed of your QROPS obligations?

If possible, would you like access to a low cost structure that meets all your obligations, meets your risk appetite and receive regular reviews?

Already transferred to an overseas QROPS?

If you have already transferred your UK pension to a QROPS compliant fund in an overseas country (i.e., not the UK or Australia) you may well benefit from a review. Whilst the new Oversea Tax Charge affects people looking at transferring to a country they are not tax resident in, this rule only applies if the transfer is after 8th March 2017.

  • Do you know how your fund is performing?
  • Is your portfolio aligned to your objectives and comfort levels?
  • Are you invested in a “bond” with high exit penalties?
  • Are you entitled to commence a transfer to Australia now?
  • Are you aware of all your options?
  • Are you receiving regular ongoing advice and maintenance of your fund?

We have a number of clients who:

  • transferred their UK pension to an overseas jurisdiction QROPS fund, such as Gibraltar or Malta
  • are unaware of their current options
  • have not had a review by a qualified financial planner since they transferred
  • are concerned that their fund is not working in their best interests

Is this familiar to you? If you would like a review of your current position and an outline of your options do not hesitate to contact us.