Enjoying accumulated wealth through a strategy of conservation and/or transfer to next generation, we can help ensure that you manage your wealth with tax efficiency and appreciate the correct levels of risk to which you are exposed.

Wealth Builders – typically 40-60 years old

Whilst it is true it is best to start planning early in life, it is equally true that it is never too late! This is a critical period of your financial life if you are looking to secure a comfortable standard of living in retirement. Whether you are funding your children through education or are now empty nesters it is vital to plan now for your own wealth in retirement. If you have spare income and don’t know how to maximize the tax and investment efficiencies or if you have too much month at the end of the salary Harding Wealth Management has the knowledge and experience to put you on the right path to financial freedom.

We are able to assist those who;

  • Want to protect the financial future of their family
  • Require cashflow management and budgetary guidance
  • Have medium term goals and are unsure of how to achieve them
  • Are looking for investment opportunities with flexibility and accessibility
  • Wish to maximize on tax efficiencies
  • Want to plan for a secure retirement
  • Desire a comfortable retirement with a quality standard of living

Retirees – typically aged 60 years plus

Just because you are now in your 60s does not mean you have to retire. As more and more Australians are looking to work well into their 70s it is vital that you engage with a financial professional who can ensure you receive a comfortable, sustainable income in retirement. Naturally, if you do wish to retire as soon as you can afford to, we have specific strategies that are designed to maximize your wealth in a tax efficient manner that could enable this.

We are able to assist those who;

  • Would like advice on pre-retirement lifestyle issues
  • Require advice on Centrelink benefits
  • Wish to transition to retirement; rather than fully retire at some predetermined date
  • Require advice on flexible, sustainable income levels
  • Would like to discuss potential estate planning issues
  • Have retirement goals (trips overseas etc ) and are unsure of how to achieve them
  • Wish to maximize on tax efficiencies
  • Desire a comfortable retirement with a high standard of living

Our service includes:

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Estate Planning
  • Investment Strategies
  • Retirement Strategies
  • Superannuation including SMSF strategies

Whatever your stage in life and your personal circumstances Harding Wealth Management will help you make informed decisions about your financial life and will provide our engaged clients with;

  • A clear plan for their financial future
  • An experienced, educated adviser who will take the time to listen and have a thorough understanding of their personal circumstances, goals and ambitions
  • Regular reviews of plans and strategies
  • An adviser who cares about his clients and always works in their best interests