Kym Brakmanis

Practice Manager

Kym is responsible for the day-to-day running of the practice administration. She will liaise with product providers, investment houses and your existing professionals on your behalf. Her organisational skills and can-do attitude combined to ensure that we deliver excellence in our service standards.

An Australian by birth, Kym spent nearly 20 years working in London and has travelled extensively throughout the UK and Europe. She understands the subtle cultural differences between the two countries and is an invaluable asset to the practice.

Throughout her time in the UK Kym supported her native Australia in all sporting events. An avid Wallabies fan she travelled throughout Europe following her team. With this sporting pedigree Ashes Tests are interesting times in the office.

Kym can be contacted on 1300 796 580 or email

Lori Damiani

Client Service Officer

Lori is responsible for the liaison between the UK and the Australian advice teams. She ensures that all documentation is processed in a timely manner and that the reports we receive accurately reflect your wishes. Her high degree of attention to detail and love of numbers combine to ensure we continue to provide a streamlined service. Having worked for one of the Big Four banks for many years Lori’s knowledge of processes and procedures is an invaluable asset.

As a mother of two teenage children she manages to balance working for a busy financial planning practice with the demands of parenthood. This feat alone demonstrates what an outstanding organiser she is.

Lori can be contacted on 1300 796 580 or email